Business Development & Business Growth for India after the Pandemic

May 13, 2020

Business Development, can be compiled with the ideas, initiatives & activities aimed towards making business better. As professionals, we should change the way we think about business development. Too often, we are trying to get something from someone else and making every interaction transactional. The goal should be to build relationship Despite a global recession, India is expected to be among the few countries that will still grow, offering foreign investors an ideal FDI destination as they look to relocate their factories away from China.

There are multiple reasons for India escaping recession, the most important being its relatively low linkages with global supply chains and its dependence on domestic consumption as the primary driver of GDP growth.

Join us in this session to know more about:

  • Business Development considerations during the pandemic
  • Economical & Business perspectives of Indian Companies
  • Opportunities & advantages after the pandemic

Date & Time: May 15, 4:00 PM IST

Presenter: Sham H Jaisingh, Business Development Manager

Watch here the webinar recording

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