Automatic advanced control block creation function is one of the unique and differentiating value proposition in MeshWorks, which helps the users to set up the morphing process much faster. An extensive set of automated and interactive tools to create ‘control blocks’ for assembly level morphing is available.

Auto Control Blocks – To create control block for the given vehicle model

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Manual Scan : To create extruded control blocks, Nodes of the created blocks will be used as control Nodes in control morph setup


3D Scan: To create a set of hexa elements around shell elements automatically. These Hexa elements can be subsequently defined as control blocks.

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Block using Curves and Sections
Using a controlling curve and a mesh that is associated to it, control blocks with variable sections will be created. Control for flange width, cushion blocks etc. are available.

Weight optimization

Application areas: Control block creation for structural members such as A, B, C pillars, roof rail, rocker etc.

Manufacturing simulation

Create curves to enable concept model creation from topography data

Mapping Tool
Map source to target, then updating the mesh by
1) Stretching single layer
2) Morphing approach
3) Adding new layers as per user need

Product design and development

Auto Mapping tool
Purpose: Source 2D mesh can be mapped to target 2D mesh based on their features using this tool.
Application areas: Mapping 2D skin mesh from source to target.

Multi-disciplinary Optimization/ MDO

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