In cylinder combustion sensor

An in cylinder combustion sensor, is a technology developed to give the information about abnormal activities or partial combustion of fuels inside the combustion chamber of the engine. Additional information such as knowing the pressure of the exhaust gases and crank angle are also obtained. These are some vital points which are considered while developing combustion engines. The combustion sensor is heat resistant to protect it from the thermal and combustion processes inside the cylinder, as it is placed in the cylinder itself.

DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) develops in cylinder combustion sensor, which is revolutionizing the efficiency of the combustion engine. With the help of this sensor the pressure inside the cylinders can be known, this information is significant to understand the efficiency of the engine directly. The current efficiency of the engines is close to 30%, which gives an indication that the conversion rate of fuel into power is less. The DEP in cylinder combustion sensor will help you get such important data and enhance your vehicle engines. The DEP has provided similar services to many businesses in India and USA, with a background in the Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Medical Devices and Construction equipment fields the company gives engineering solution and product development services.

Some of the important features of DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) in cylinder combustion sensor are:

  1. It uses piezoelectric method for pressure detection which gives accurate and authentic readings.
  2. You get deep insights on the processes happening in the cylinder, as the sensor is robust and made accordingly to survive inside the cylinder.
  3. The cost and size of this sensor is optimum so as to make it user friendly.
  4. Improves the efficiency of the engine, reduces the emissions, increases engine power and reduces combustion noise.

The sensor is ready to use, you just have to install it, with smart technology handling of the equipment also becomes easy. DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) is one of the big players in the automotive industry and is well aware of the changing trends in the industry. The company has advanced technologies and skilled workforce to give you the best services for your requirement. The in cylinder combustion sensor by DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) comes with high accuracy, robust design and for a cheap cost.



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