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DEP – Exhibiting at the SAE High Efficiency Symposium

Mar 25, 2019

Even as all-electric futures capture the headlines in the automotive world, the internal combustion engine will continue to stake its claim as a bedrock of lightweight and medium-duty mobility. OEMs will continue to deliver improvements to the ICE to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy well into the 2030s. The SAE High-Efficiency IC Engine Symposium (HEICE) returns in 2019. As an ideal complement to WCX World Congress Experience, HEICE will be held just prior to WCX in Detroit on April 7-8, 2019.

HEICE 2019 will feature a robust program and speaker set across a number of topics with special emphasis on combustion engine system modeling and predictive simulation. As an attendee of HEICE, visitors will take part in peer discussion, learning, and networking about:

  • Impact of real-world emission standards and costs
  • Light-duty engine design, enabled by hybrids
  • Waste heat recovery on heavy-duty engines
  • Advanced control systems
  • Alternative energy
  • Lower-temperature combustion

Witness DEP’s Latest High Efficiency IC Engine Capabilities Demonstrated at Booth No:6

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