Digital Transformation: DEP’s Advanced Engineering Solutions

Oct 25, 2022

Oct, 2022

Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) offers customers a one-stop shop for everything from benchmarking to design concepts, detailed design, simulation, testing, prototyping, and other developmental support services. DEP takes on the challenge of developing a comprehensive solution that results in a shorter time-to-market, despite the various engineering challenges encountered during the product development cycle. Virtual validations will be far more advanced in the future than they are now. Because testing and prototyping are expensive in aerodynamics, virtual validation will be the holy grail for manufacturers. DEP’s current models are optimized using CAE Parametric technology to meet performance and safety criteria while saving significant time in design and engineering cycles. Furthermore, the quick time to market has cost advantages. DEP can examine the manufacturing impact and factor the identified inefficiencies into design using the CAD Morphing method, particularly in mould flow, forming processes, and so on.

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