Efficient Healthcare leveraging innovative design and development – The Need of the Hour

Apr 20, 2020

With the incidence of new COVID-19 cases growing by the day, healthcare stakeholders are continuing to search for tools and medications to help stem the tide. Patients are under lockdown and health workers are at risk of infection and many hospitals lack the necessary hardware support. The organizational bodies who are responsible for regulating medical devices used to diagnose, prevent and treat COVID-19, such as diagnostic tests, ventilators, and personal protective equipment (PPE)—including masks, face shields, respirators, gowns, and gloves are facing severe scarcity for the above to meet the demand.

We at DEP, are committed to ensure healthcare providers that timely and continued access to high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices to respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic. The shortage of critical medical equipment is hampering the ability of medical professionals to treat the severe respiratory conditions the virus causes.

We are in an unprecedented time and we must do all that we can to contribute to supporting our medical and healthcare customers who are saving lives every day. We must act quickly and be creative because every minute counts. Join this discussion to learn more about the challenges facing the development of these products and the benefits they provide.

Special focus on: Ventilator, Face Shield, Aerosol Blocker

Date & Time: April 22, 11:30 AM EST

Presenter: John Gelmisi, Director – Business Development

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