Detroit Engineered Products

      1. Shifting gears – how to adapt to a new work environment

      1. Landing page – blurb on what each article will cover
      2. Link to blog posts/articles discussing the impacts of lockdown in the technical industry

      2. Creating a roadmap – re-accessing your situation and how to move forward productively

        a. Articles on how engineers can make full use of lockdown
        1. Articles on fun engineering side projects
        2. Discussions of other innovations happening in different industries
        3. Articles on how to plan out your day and make time for yourself

Young caucasian white businessman in suit filling up fuel into the car at the gas station. Hipster man with beard refueling a car. Vector cartoon illustration isolated on white background.

      3. Fueling your power – tips on how to succeed during isolation

      1. Come up with unique “guidelines” that engineers can follow to maintain creativity and productivity during lockdown

      4. Full speed ahead – Encouragement for pulling through

      1. Interactive section where users can take quizzes, learn about industry events and check in often to chat with other engineers (plug DEP events and products as well)
      2. Articles discussing successful innovations during the pandemic to creative a positive and uplifting atmosphere