How to be your effective and productive best while working from home

Apr 16, 2020

During the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic many organisations are recommending – and some requiring – that their staff work from home. As millions of workers around the world start telecommuting for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, few know what to expect. Whether by desire or obligation, working from home introduces some new challenges into both your professional and personal lives. Often, the line between the two can be blurred and can lead to a sense of disharmony or even conflict.

There has been much debate about working from home and whether or not it’s a productivity boost or major productivity drain. As several businesses adapt to the new model, it is crucial for employees to know the best tips to ensure ease of working and better productivity. This current situation which will be their first experience of remote working, thrust on them by events, we would like to share some pointers that helps you recognize them, ways to mitigate them and succeed as a remote worker.

20th April 4:00 PM IST

Presenter: Shirin H

Watch here the webinar recording

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