Reverse engineering

DEP MeshWorks is a feature based morphing tool that can rapidly morph existing FE and CFD models to match new geometry and/or to new proportions.

Component and full system level FE/CFD models (such as automotive vehicle crash, NVH and durability models) can be morphed to fit target design features such as styling lines, sections, proportions etc. precisely.

A wide variety of morphing techniques such as control block (lower and higher order), direct parabolic, spherical, polycube and field based morphing are available to address varied applications.

An extensive set of automated and interactive tools to create ‘control blocks’ for assembly level morphing is available.

Hex meshing
Model checking

Typical automotive morphing scenarios such as morphing to match styling, upper body to carry over under body matching, morphing sedan to station wagon or SUV etc. can be executed rapidly.

Product design and development
Manufacturing simulation

Specialized morphing such as fillet radius change, section change, pattern replication etc. are also available.

CAD Morphing

Hex Meshing
Multi Disciplinary Optimization
Post processing
Manufacturing simulation
Concept modeling
advance meshing
Remeshing and reassembly