MeshWorks is a comprehensive CAE model Parameterization engine with a broad range of categories of parameters that can be used at all stages of product development.

Categories of parameters include: gauge, shape, sections, spot weld pitch, seam-weld-spacing, adhesive length, topology (member repositioning), features (number of holes, ribs, bulkheads, crush-initiators etc. in a given space) and general parameters.

Hex meshing

Regular FE/CFD models can be converted to intelligent parametric FE/CFD models. The parameters can be exercised as one-time execution or linked to Design of Experiments (DOE) and Multi-Disciplinary Optimization (MDO) schemes.

Multiple runnable CAE models (literally hundreds of them) can be generated automatically by exercising the parametric CAE models.
The different type of design parameters
1. Shape parameter.
2. Structural (gauge / material) parameter .
3. Feature parameter.
4. Macro parameter.
5. Topology parameter.
4. General text parameter.

Model checking

Application areas:

  • Creation of multiple holes in a given zone.
  • Creation of multiple crush initiators in a given zone.
  • Creation of multiple ribs in a given zone.
  • Automatic remeshing after design generation.
  • Smoothing and quality improvement after design generation.
Advance meshing
Concept modeling
CAD Morphing

Cae morphing
Manufacturing simulation
Concept modeling
advance meshing
Remeshing and reassembly
Hex Meshing
Multi Disciplinary Optimization
Post processing