Starting point of any product that is created with new objectives or that solves a problem springs from concept that engineers have in their mind. A detailed exploration of the idea is vital to take it from the intangible to the tangible, along with the ability to iterate the new model with viability requirements. Once an idea gains traction it’s time to develop it into a featured model. Designers use conceptual modelling during early stages of the product development to assist in optimizing their idea for production. With simulation support they can experiment, test and realize the advantages of any conceptual models. Simulation helps designers consider systems, services and products in relation to what they should do, how they should behave, what they look like and whether they will be understood by the users in the manner intended. Conceptual modeling provides designers the possibility of automatically checking the project for errors at the design level.

With MeshWorks we can design anything quickly, with built-in precision and at reduced cost and time. MeshWorks has advanced cutting, blending & stitching functions to create early stage concept FE & CFD models very rapidly. Local regions from the donor FE or CFD model can be cut, morphed and stitched to the target FE/CFD model resulting in a new concept quickly. Concept FE components can be created using sections and director lines. Concept FE features such as ribs, gussets, holes etc. can be created rapidly on existing models.

Functions and Applications:

Cut Stitch Morphing Feature: Early Concept designs can be created in the FE level there by eliminating CAD in the loop. The same shape change could be replicated on the same Model of Different Domain.

Underbody Upper Body Merging Feature: Under Body Platform of one Model and the Upper Body of another model can be merged resulting in a new concept design quickly.

Early Concept designs can be created in the FE level by merging the Underbody of the Model that is performing well in Crash with Upper body of another Model that is performing well in NVH. This could be replicated on the same Model of Different Domain.


  • Concept FE Model can be created in one week whereas the conventional method would take around 12weeks
  • Makes the model more optimized and more detailed from model aspects
  • Powerful in-built concept features save enormous time during simulation
  • Visualizing the structural change and analysis on feasibility made possible
cad design

Morphing and preparing the joining interfaces

cutter surface

Automatic Morphing & Blending of sections

cad design

Final Stitched Model

Combustion analysis sensor
concept modeling
In cylinder combustion sensor
concept modeling

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