Product Design Development

Product design and development is a broad field consisting of the lifecycle of a product, that is its birth and up to its presence in the market. Product design is the initial process where market forecasting, brainstorming and research about the various aspects of the product is done. Understanding the need for the product in the market, competitors in the market, its costing and many such factors are to be considered while product development. Creating a robust product which satisfies the customer needs and budget will prevail in the market provided that the product should be scalable. Now the products can be from any background technology-push product or market-pull products, there is a vast potential in the product design and development niche.DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) is a company delivering engineering solutions and product development services in Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Medical Devices and construction equipment domains.

DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) facilitates excellent product design and development services in India and USA for many companies. The expert team of DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) has quite a good experience in this field to design and develop a new product. A systematic process is employed by the team which includes step by step development, generating ideas for the product, checking the scalability and testing the concept of the idea, then conducting beta test or creating concept design, product development and then commercialization, making it available for the customer. These are the steps followed by the product development team of DEP (Detroit Engineered Products), later there is also a post-launch review where, you get a feedback from the customer after using the product. Based on this you can make changes in your product like adding or subtracting features or reducing the cost respectively.

While the design process the DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) team makes sure that your product design is satisfied without depending on other factors, and also the design must reveal less information so as to keep the product unique. With DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) product design and development services, you can create singular products which require less production time and have the design for manufacturability. The company has developed many business in India and USA by creating a line of quality products.



CAE Services


Product Development Services


Aerospace and Defence


DEP offers services in the following areas in Fixed and Rotary Wing aircrafts.

  • Detailed Design
  • Structural Analysis
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DEP provides effective solutions to automakers and suppliers by leveraging CAE driven design at a very competitive cost.

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Bio Medical


Virtual simulation and validation for implants have ability to reduce the necessity to produce expensive prototypes.

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DEP engineering team have executed projects & programmes for the Marine Industry. The capabilities include both structural as well as

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Heavy Engineering


DEPs heavy engineering offerings cater across agricultural equipment, construction and mining equipment. Our mesh modeling tools,

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Oil & Gas


DEP has a very strong engineering team to address & service complex engineering projects of the most dynamic industry in the world

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