Achieving weight reduction is one of the KPA/KRA for design and engineering teams, be it from vehicle side or Powertrain side in automotive domain. Weight reduction / optimization are given utmost importance in aerospace domain as well. Engineers working with heavy engineering equipments or earth moving equipments do face weight reduction targets without any degradation to lifting capacity or other performance metrics.

MeshWorks as CAE Platform have tools specifically to address and enable weight reduction, quickly implement optimized load path. MeshWorks platform enables both parametric model based and non parametric model based weight reduction approaches. For certain class of weight reduction with reference to cast parts non parametric model based topology optimization approach with engineering judgment seems to provide good outcome in the shortest time.

This webinar focuses on custom tool sets in MeshWorks that enable non parametric model based optimization and quick implementation of load path that is outcome from the topology optimization process. MeshWorks has tools that help to build design space, remove existing features, insert ribs, and member creation type of tools to implement the result from topology optimization into feasible structural features / load paths. We are going to demonstrate its application for casting type of structures and sheet metal assembly type of structures.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Design space creation Tools – Live demonstrations about how to create design space as input to topology optimization solver.
  • Feature Removal Tools – Using feature removal tools to create minimalist model which is the start point for topology optimization.
  • Feature insertion / Member creation tools – How to use MeshWorks for inserting features based on results from optimization. The demonstration would include load path or member creation based on the topology optimization results.

How does MeshWorks 8 differ from the current tools available?

Process using other tools Process using DEP MeshWorks
Design Space Creation Tools Limited / None Efficient
Feature Insertion and Removal Tools Limited /None Efficient
Member Creation Tools   Limited /None Efficient

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