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Addressing challenges in CAE Modeling for Complex Plastic components

Engineers are tasked with the time consuming burden of processing complex plastic geometries to create modifiable and reliable models for Simulation. The variety of features including thicknesses and unique geometries, requires significant manual labor and time to construct quality models to yield accurate CAE predictions without a robust CAE software tool. The pressure to quickly deliver models many a times results in failure to achieve desired levels of optimization. This results in increased costs due to weight and manufacturability inefficiencies, as well as a failure to maximize performance criteria for durability, stress, safety, NVH, thermal efficiency, and/or CFD. So what could be the solution that can give Engineers the time and tools to correct this?

The good news is MeshWorks 2020 was designed to integrate with and enhance almost all major CAD and CAE solver toolsets to significantly reduce modeling time with intuitive, easy to learn modules on a single platform. MeshWorks provides Engineers with the power to automate most CAE processes using simple but robust flexible templates (requiring no scripting), powerful pre/post processing, and the fastest meshing engine as benchmarked by the most recognizable OEMs in the global market. Essentially MeshWorks eliminates the need for shuffling across multiple software, saving the engineers up-to 30%-50% of development time.

This webinar will focus on typical plastic modeling challenges and inefficiencies as well as best practices to save time and reduce manual effort.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Mid plane meshing for plastics: Live demonstrations featuring unique meshing methods for complex plastic parts involving ribs and specialized features such as heat stakes, dog houses, bosses, etc. Component demonstrations will include door trim, IP substrate, floor console, pillar trims, b-side fascia, grilles, head lamps and thin walled castings. Unique software tools will be highlighted that help with tasks such as automatic thickness assignment, rib insertion, and tools to create a library of features for instant insertion for plastic parts. Mesh stitching options for plastic attachments will also be shown.
  • Create/Modify Features for plastics without CAD: A demo to quickly modify rib structure (add/subtract/modify rib or rib pattern/height/thickness) in highly automated way directly in the CAE mesh (there is no need to go back to CAD and no need for re-mesh).
  • Auto parameterization: Demo on DEP MeshWorks patented and world renowned ability to enable meshed models to become automatically parametric to support fast design iterations and Design of Experiment (DOE) studies. And we’ll provide an overview of MeshWorks capabilities as a parameterization engine to individually or simultaneously address parameters such as shape, gage, material, unique design features, etc.
  • Automatic die face correction for warpage: A unique CAD Morphing technology in MeshWorks that can automatically update the tooling CAD to compensate for part warpage as predicted by Moldflow simulation.

How does MeshWorks 2020 differ from the current tools available?

  Other tools DEP MeshWorks
Mid plane meshing for plastics Time taken = “1X” Manual effort = more Time taken = “.5 X” Manual effort= less
Thickness assignment Limited Excellent
Feature insertion in plastic parts Mesh addition / Rib addition None Excellent
Auto parameterization for plastic part features None Excellent
Address manufacturing feasibility None Excellent

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