MeshWorks as Engineering Platform has tool sets to help Engineers carry out lot of the upfront engineering assessment effectively. CAD data morphing and its connectivity with CAE data plays vital role enabling engineering teams to visualize data in 3D, study what if situation, involve suppliers / partners upfront thus adding pace to the development activity.

This webinar focuses on MeshWorks tool sets that illustrate different work flows that could form part of the concept phase of product development. The Webinar presents the possible application to automotive Body in White, interiors and Powertrain.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Application of CAD morphing for early stage work – Learn through live demonstrations about how to create high quality morphed CAD data from existing CAD using MeshWorks.
  • Connectivity of morphed CAD and CAE data at Concept Phase – Learn through live demonstration about how to use MeshWorks to realize morphed CAE data based on morphed CAD data.
  • Connectivity of optimized CAE data to CAD data – Learn through live demonstration about how to use MeshWorks to close the loop generating CAD data from optimized CAE model.

How does MeshWorks 8 differ from the current tools available?

Process using other tools

Process using DEP MeshWorks

Application of CAD Morphing to existing CAD to accelerate new concept realization



Connectivity between morphed CAD data and CAE data to accelerate virtual validation phase



Connectivity between Optimized CAE data and baseline CAD to generate updated CAD



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