Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) is pleased to offer our patented “Ion Sensing” enhanced “Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs” to achieve goals for Emissions control, increased Fuel Economy, and enabling multiple Fuel Types while maintaining peak engine efficiency (even when fuel quality is poor).

DEP has 10+ patents for our innovative Engine Ion Sensor which takes the form of a modified “Spark Plug or Glow Plug” (or standalone sensor).  This “super sensor” provides critical engine combustion and performance data to enable “real-time” feedback and control with the Engine Control Unit (ECU).  

DEP has conducted extensive engine testing and correlation studies with expensive lab equipment to interpret the “Ion Signal” during each combustion event. 

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Ion Sensing” enhanced “Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs
  • Diesel Aftertreatment to reduce costs by hundreds of dollars per Diesel Engine
  • New ability to better support Engine Health can extend engine life by 5 to 10%

Some of key Meshworks highlights to Tire industries is as follows:

  • The Ion Sensor provides OEMs with unprecedented real-time combustion performance data and the opportunity for feedback and control with little additional cost and zero engine modifications.
  • The Engine Ion Sensor can benefit all aspects of Engine categories including:  Emissions, Controls, Fuel Efficiency, Flexible Fuels, Diagnostics & Calibration, Hybrid, Power Generation, and Diesel After-treatment Cost Reduction, etc.

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