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How to Save over 30% time in Powertrain Design & Development using MeshWorks2020

OEM’s globally have been launching vehicles with Conventional and Electric Powertrain options.

Virtual validation has been used extensively towards light weighting of structures to support Conventional and Electric Powertrain options. Virtual validation has also been deployed quite extensively to propulsion system that includes Engines, battery systems, transmissions and electric motors. Virtual validation methods have been developed and are comprehensively addressing performance evaluation and optimization across disciplines.

Modeling battery systems and electric motors have emerged as important areas to support virtual validation. Modeling methods and procedures have been well laid out for engines and transmission systems based on experiences with conventional powertrain. DEP with its strong domain experience in Powertrain / propulsion systems has developed MeshWorks to address challenges comprehensively. With DEP MeshWorks, you get a single integrated pre-post processor, essentially eliminating the need of shuffling across multiple software, which can save you up to 30% of your time. MeshWorks with its strong mesh modeling, model assembly, morphing and parameterization tools aims to save time for engineers who are part of virtual validation of hybrid and electric propulsion systems.

This webinar focuses on Mesh Modeling and Assembly tools in MeshWorks that will cover battery modeling and connection tools, Rotor, Stator and Housing modeling related to Motors considering NVH and Durability performance assessment. Demonstrations would cover time savers to model and assemble complex battery system components, electric motors and transmission systems besides that engine that is part of hybrid architectures.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

Conventional Powertrain:
Demonstration Model Time Savings Compared to Conventional Tools
Rapid meshing tools and automatable process for powertrain meshing 30% Faster
Hexa meshing tools, Solid Boolean and hex cutter at the mesh level for casting and forging 40% Faster
Cast Surface to Machined Surface automation 70% Faster
CAD/Mesh Associative Modeler 50% Faster
Integrated Model Replacement process 50% Faster
Feature add/remove/update process 50% Faster
Advanced connection tools 40% Faster
Auto Contact generation 50% Faster

Electric Powertrain:
Demonstration Model Time Savings Compared to Conventional Tools
Battery pack meshing modeling and assembly 50% Faster
Modeling and Assembly of E-Motors 40% Faster
Advantages of using MeshWorks PA for Modeling Electric Powertrain 70% Faster

How does MeshWorks 2020 differ from the current tools available?
  Process using other tools Process using DEP MeshWorks
Battery Modeling and Assembly Tools Limited / None Efficient
Mesh Modeling tools for Motors, Transmission and Transaxle systems Limited Efficient
Parametric mesh models for Engines Limited / None Efficient

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