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Innovative and accelerated CAE Parametric Technology for Simulation

The automotive industry has emerged from a time of turmoil with a renewed focus on cost and timing. There is greater concentration on keeping the existing consumers elated with innovative products that meets market demands. To create safer, more reliable and desirable vehicles, faster, the OEMs and their suppliers are started using simulation methods not only to validate, but to design, study and optimize their products. This requires applying CAE earlier in the concept stage with broader objectives. With multi-disciplinary considerations, right through the engineering release process, simulation is now the ‘holy grail’ for engineers to save time & cost. There are lot of factors that are changing the perception of CAE’s role in product development. While reducing the efforts and making smart decisions is included as main role, additionally there are advancements in many product development stages too. Having a robust meshing process, technically evolving collaboration tools and the increased availability of high performance computing resources makes CAE Simulation an inevitable engineering practice for present days.

MeshWorks as a CAE platform, has in its DNA the thought process of transforming product development, thus the leadership in CAE and CAD data morphing. This is of great value for engineers during the early stage of product development as it aids front loading of the program and enables optimization upfront. With the latest in MeshWorks2021, we have impressive set of tools which work together with your existing tools and processes to reduce CAE modeling time drastically. With DEP MeshWorks, you get a single integrated pre-post processor, essentially eliminating the need of shuffling across multiple software, which can save you up-to 30% of your time.

This webinar focuses on custom tailored tool sets in MeshWorks that enable optimization at system and sub system level. MeshWorks helps engineers effectively create parametric FE models across engineering disciplines thus helping to set the stage for performance evaluation and downstream optimization. Parameterized models from MeshWorks together with optimizers and subsequent trade off studies provide a platform for the users to address design changes early in the product development, saving time & effort. ConceptWorks tools, CAD morphing tools provide critical inputs to engineers which helps in packaging studies, manufacturing considerations and provide heads up to partners/ suppliers/ vendors. With these tool MeshWorks assist engineers navigate the path to transform product development process.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Mesh parameterization technology for Mass Savings: Live examples showcasing how MeshWorks mesh parameterization tools, make design changes directly on the mesh without waiting for CAD.

  • Concept Modeler tools for early stage Geometry Studies without CAD: Demo on how MeshWorks Concept Modeler tools help build new structural constructs and concept for early stage studies without waiting for CAD.

  • CAE Meshing for plastics: Live demonstration on unique meshing methods for complex plastic parts, including components like door trim, etc.

  • CAE Morphing technology: Presentation on MeshWorks morphing features that rapidly morph existing FE & CFD models to match new geometry and/or to new proportions.

How does MeshWorks 2020 differ from the current tools available?

  Other tools DEP MeshWorks
Auto parameterizing of the mesh model for ‘What if’ scenario studies Limited Efficient
Enabling design changes directly on mesh, with no CAD data Limited Efficient
Feature insertion in plastic parts Mesh addition / Rib addition None Excellent
Concept Modeler to synthesize early stage structural concepts None Efficient
Ability to do design changes / improvements without waiting for CAD None Unique / Efficient

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