MeshWorks is a powerful CAE meshing engine that allows users to create complex hexa mesh quickly from CAD data. Highly automated meshing functions available allow users to create exceptional quality meshes with minimal user intervention in the shortest time possible, with minimal to virtually no CAD clean-up. Templates for feature recognition, mesh size requirements and quality criteria. Highly automated mesh quality improvement functions, robotically correct meshes to meet user specified quality templates and constraint criteria. The “Automated cartesian hexa mesher” allows users to create 100% hexa meshes of complex parts that have a high volume to surface ratio. The “Extruded hex mesher” can rapidly generate hex dominant meshes for parts whose features are aligned in a specific direction.

The “Thin-wall-hex-mesher” can rapidly convert a mid-plane quad dominant mesh to a hex-dominant mesh. Users can combine all of the hex mesher functions to generate a geometry hugging hex dominant mesh with minimal number of penta elements.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Demo Hex meshing for thin walled structures
  • Auto hexa meshing tools for faster hex mesh generation with good mesh quality.
  • Automated process demo for complex applications like Dam, brake calipers etc.
  • Demos on biomedical applications.
  • Special hexa meshing tools like Hexa mesh Boolean, imprinting, connections etc.

Some of key Meshworks highlights to Hexa modelers are as follows:

  • In-built feature of CAD clean-up, removes all the unnecessary features and retaining the main feature lines.
  • With parametric extrusion hex elements are created with ease and at least time consumption for large components in a single click from the planar mesh.
  • Users can achieve a high-quality mesh in significantly less time with MeshWorks functions when compared to traditional meshing applications.

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