Our unique CAE platform, MeshWorks, includes a suite of solutions that substantially cut the light weighting time and boost efficiency for both conventional and progressive product development processes. By combining conventional and MeshWorks technologies for optimization we can achieve design alternatives and trade-offs early on in the automotive product development process.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Rapid generation of product concepts driven through topology optimization with zero CAD through DEP Concept CAE modelling techniques

  • Optimizing the products considering different kind of parameters

  • Auto parameterization techniques to eliminate the manual tedious efforts to create the parameters

  • DOE and Optimization

  • Conversion of final optimized CAE designs to design through innovative CAD morphing approach.

MeshWorks highlights:

DEP MeshWorks, from Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) is a CAE driven integrated platform for pre and post processing, involving rapid concept CAE and CAD model generation, parameterization and optimization, advanced meshing, process automation, concept modeling and CAD morphing. It has enabled leading companies across the globe to transform the product development cycle, thus considerably saving them time and money, and get to market faster.

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