MeshWorks is an integrated CAE platform for pre and post processing involving rapid concept CAE and CAD model generation, parameterization and optimization, advanced meshing, process automation, concept modeling and CAD morphing. The latest version of MeshWorks 2021 features an innovative solutions based on specific and industry-based applications.

ConceptWorks is a newly added feature of MeshWorks which can build concept CAE models without any limitations. With the current trends of electric vehicles, there is wide scope for converting conventional vehicles to electric vehicles. During this stage in the product development process, the CAE engineers are limited to concept part/model creation, either due to the complexity of the conventional concept modeling tools or because there is a need to wait for CAD from the designers. ConceptWorks redefines the concept modeling phase by giving CAE engineers the power to make radical changes at the CAE level. CAE engineers can use ConceptWorks to achieve an optimal design much faster without involving designers at every stage. Basically, once the concept design is validated at the CAE level, this can now be presented to CAD designers, thereby drastically reducing the back and forth process that exists in the current design and development cycle.

This webinar will demonstrate all the quick concept member functions and the process of converting the conventional BIW to an electric BIW.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • BIW design functions to create quick members.

  • ConceptWorks feature of complex joint creation.

  • Auto parameterization of conceptual members.

  • Conversion of conceptual BIW to EV.

  • Special concept members modelling tools in ConceptWorks etc.

Some of the key MeshWorks/ConceptWorks highlights are as follows

  1. The “Special Member Creation and Special Joint Creation Tools” allow users to create conceptual EV BIW Models.

  2. The “Adjust Flange” tools can quickly remove intersections and penetrations between two parts.

  3. The “Member Adjust” tool helps to optimize the BIW model quickly.

  4. The “Special Features Tools like Quick Bead, Boss, Fillet, Holes and Split Member” can rapidly improve the design.

  5. Users can create all the members and joints of a BIW at FE level without any CAD.

  6. Highly automated meshing functions allow users to create exceptional quality meshes with minimal user intervention in the shortest time possible.

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