Virtual Validation and parametric FEA model is very important for optimizing stent design towards balancing various performance metrics like wall stress, radial recoil, foreshortening and radial strength. This webinar addresses the high quality model creation for Virtual Validation for stent.

Food and Drug Administration organizations across the globe have drafted up procedures and guidelines for virtual validation of stent designs. Results from the virtual validation are also an important part of the certification process.

This webinar will showcase MeshWorks with its stent rolling and stent mesh parameterization tools, offering a platform for creating high quality numerical models as an input towards stent performance evaluation and optimization.

  • Toolsets applicable for coronary stents, vascular stents, branch stents, biliary stents and many other type of stents.
  • Process automation tools in MeshWorks with customizable process templates.
  • Creation of parametric mesh model, ability to interface MeshWorks with state of the art optimizers and DoE tools.

The above will be demonstrated with live demonstrations showcasing a clear advantage for users who are looking at optimizing the performance of stent designs

DEP MeshWorks has a unique inbuilt tools especially for the stent industry, which has proven to be a huge time saver, resulting in a 2x to 10x of time savings-

  • Stent rolling tool, which is fully customizable, and speeds stent modeling
  • Stent parametrization tools, which helps to derive stent variants, and also look at performance optimization

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