Reduction of skin mesh modeling time for CFD as applied to exterior flows (Aero), internal flows of besides being able to do have parametric mesh is always a good advantage to have. Wetted surface extraction also helps the user while building grids for CFD calculation. Morphing is a great way to realize shape changes for what-if scenarios and at times it is not convenient to do it at mesh level. With CAD morphing in MW, it is possible to morph CAD directly and generate mesh using automation. Thus MeshWorks influences Aero/Thermal modeling positively by adding efficiency tools.
This webinar focuses on a pain point for external and internal flows, the capture of intricate geometry, and will cover how MeshWorks can help you save time and effort.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Skin Mesh Generation for External and Internal flow – Learn through live demonstrations about MeshWorks ability to capture intricate geometry for external and internal flows. The capability of auto-parameterization is a great help for quick design changes.
  • Wetted Surface Extraction – Wetted Surface extraction tool in MeshWorks saves a lot of time for the engineers in the process of generating grids for CFD calculation
  • Shape Change and CAD Morphing – Shape changes at mesh level using morphing technique has certain advantages for sure but the inconveniences of it are clearly addressed using CAD morphing methodology. CAD morphing methodology together with automated meshing and optimization set up is a great way to explore design space for CFD application.

Process using other tools

Process using DEP MeshWorks

Skin Mesh Generation

Time taken = x
Manual effort= more

Time taken = 1/3 x
Manual effort= less

Wetted Surface Extraction



Shape Change and CAD Morphing

Limited / None


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