Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the process to recreate or reproduce an already manufactured product for different objectives. These objective vary, as there are number of reasons to understand the product, either to make the product robust or to know its weakness and exploit it. Reverse engineering is majorly done in software and machines. Some software do not come with original documentation or the documents are misplaced, to find the source code of these documents then reverse engineering used. Some software programmers use reverse engineering to know the loose ends in the program code to mitigate it and make the software stronger, while some find the loose ends to exploit it.

In reverse engineering of machines, computer-aided design software is used to recreate the existing physical product to understand its working or know its important design aspects. The product CAD design helps help further to make the 3D model of the part/product. With the help of these technologies one can create his own product by assessing his competitor’s product dynamics, and bring an enhanced product in the market.

Advantages of reverse engineering from other fields:

  1. To fix softwares which are no longer developed or used.
  2. To know the enemy’s latest technology, by acquiring the product or prototype and dissembling it to understand its working and technology. Mostly used in military field.
  3. To update and redesign the outdated original technology or product.
  4. Reverse engineering can share a good amount of knowledge, why the product failed or could not make it up to the desired goal.

DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) reverse engineering in USA and India will solve much of such problems and also can give you a business with huge potential. DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) has a dedicated team for this field and is constantly evolving according to the latest technology. With the help of reverse engineering, DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) will give you the deep insights on making your product/software robust or make a refined model to prevail in the competitive field. Either way, it is a win-win situation, DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) has its services available for companies in USA and India both. The company has a deep background in the Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Medical Devices, Construction equipment industries.



CAE Services


Product Development Services


Aerospace and Defence


DEP offers services in the following areas in Fixed and Rotary Wing aircrafts.

  • Detailed Design
  • Structural Analysis
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DEP provides effective solutions to automakers and suppliers by leveraging CAE driven design at a very competitive cost.

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Bio Medical


Virtual simulation and validation for implants have ability to reduce the necessity to produce expensive prototypes.

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DEP engineering team have executed projects & programmes for the Marine Industry. The capabilities include both structural as well as

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Heavy Engineering


DEPs heavy engineering offerings cater across agricultural equipment, construction and mining equipment. Our mesh modeling tools,

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Oil & Gas


DEP has a very strong engineering team to address & service complex engineering projects of the most dynamic industry in the world

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