Talent Acquisition

An organization’s most important resource is the talent available in the organization that is the workforce of the organization. With a skilled workforce the organization can bloom, develop new products, give good service to the customer, and work with dedication subsequently helping the organization grow. Recruiting quality talent is the work of the talent acquisition team in the company. Talent acquisition is a part of the Human Resources or Talent Acquisition department. Talent acquisition is a growing profession, as companies take their recruitment very seriously. The talent in their company will determine their growth rate; DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) Talent Acquisition gives eclectic workforce, which the company is in need according to its background.

DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) is a company, which gives excellent talent acquisition services; it is well known in the industry and has a quite good experience in this field. The DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) talent acquisition is provided in India and USA both, these two countries are one of the biggest labour pools for many companies of different fields. Companies need talent according to their background and goals, sometimes it becomes hard for the in-house team of the respective company to recruit well deserved candidates. There are always well-reputed companies like DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) to solve this recruitment problem; DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) has strategies to attract the top talent and to recruit the best talent. Conducting the recruitment, assessing the candidates, conducting interviews and hiring talented candidates are the services provided by the Talent Acquisition Team, the main objective of DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) Talent Acquisition is to bring top talent to the company.DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) will not only help in talent acquisition but also in talent development, talent assessment and talent forecasting in the company.

DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) also has its services in the Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Medical Devices, Construction equipment industries, in both India and USA. With such expertise the company will give, procure the desired talent for good prospectus of your organization. The Talent Acquisition Manager of DEP (Detroit Engineered Products) will design the recruitment process for your company according to the current project requirement and goals of the company. A systematic process will always lead to optimum recruitment of talent.



CAE Services


Product Development Services


Aerospace and Defence


DEP offers services in the following areas in Fixed and Rotary Wing aircrafts.

  • Detailed Design
  • Structural Analysis
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DEP provides effective solutions to automakers and suppliers by leveraging CAE driven design at a very competitive cost.

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Bio Medical


Virtual simulation and validation for implants have ability to reduce the necessity to produce expensive prototypes.

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DEP engineering team have executed projects & programmes for the Marine Industry. The capabilities include both structural as well as

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Heavy Engineering


DEPs heavy engineering offerings cater across agricultural equipment, construction and mining equipment. Our mesh modeling tools,

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Oil & Gas


DEP has a very strong engineering team to address & service complex engineering projects of the most dynamic industry in the world

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