What Industry 5.0 framework means to product development and business

May 05, 2020

Industry 4.0 brought in tremendous change to the product development process. Industry 4.0 provided the framework for designing products that were connected, at times 3D printed. The framework for computing moved from HPC to Cluster almost unlocking the potential in terms of simulations. Increased simulation with automation was focused on optimization or balancing multiple attributes. Needless to say, the transformation brought in by Big Data, AI and IoT. The beginning of digital twin was a significant aspect of Industry 4.0. The transformation was relevant to several industrial verticals, catering to product conceptualization, product design, product validation, and manufacturing. This brought in change for businesses as well as getting set to Digital Structure and Culture.

In Industry 5.0, as we see it is expanding the framework and transforming to another level. Personalization or Mass customization is one aspect that product design would have to plan out for besides the focus moving towards Cognitive computing. The products are expected to be interactive with HMI’s. The products would still stay connected on 5G type of network and this demands real-time validation. The interesting part for businesses is to balance Economics with Ecology and Social perspectives.

This webinar discusses how Industry 5.0 would be different from Industry 4.0. What are its impacts on product development and businesses? Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • What would make Industry 5.0 Architecture: How is it different from Industry 4.0?
  • Industry 5.0 impact of product development
  • What Industry 5.0 means to business in this new architecture.

Date & Time: May 12, 4:00 PM IST


Karthik Shankaran
Chief Innovative Officer

Shirin Hameed
Chief Marketing Officer

Niju Nair
Director – Business Development, ASEAN

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