Fluid dynamics and aerodynamics continue to be important research areas in the development of environmentally friendly products. It also has the potential to have a broader impact by collaborating across disciplines.

The majority of the transport and mixing (of materials or properties) that occurs in the environment, industrial processes, vehicles, and living organisms is caused by fluid motions. As a result, they are responsible for the majority of the energy used to power aircraft, ships, and automobiles, as well as to pump oil through pipelines. Fluid Dynamics improves the design, predictability, efficiency, and control of fluid-based systems. Aerodynamic design became increasingly important as the need for more optimized solutions became apparent. The analysis of the propulsion system, which was done separately, is now incorporated into the design.

Domain Expertise

  • Vehicle Aerodynamics Simulation – Optimize the aerodynamic drag
    • Drone Aerodynamic Simulation
  • Cabin Cooling – HVAC Simulation
  • Combustion Simulation
    • In-Cylinder Spray
    • Cross TKE
    • In-Cylinder Flame Propagation
    • In-Cylinder Temperature
  • Vehicle Under hood Thermal Management – Maximize the under hood flow
  • Turbocharger Flow analysis
  • Pump Flow Simulation
  • Intake Manifold Flow Simulation
  • Exhaust Manifold Thermal Flow Simulation
  • Crankcase Ventilation Analysis
  • CFD Verification and Validation
  • Piston Oil Jet Cooling
  • Coolant Circuit Flow Simulation
  • Electronic Box Cooling Simulation
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