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CAE Technology

CXOToday recently interviewed Mr. Radha Krishnan, President of DEP. In this interview, he elaborates on the significant advancements in CAE technology

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Efficient CAE Solutions

Mr. Radha Krishnan, Founder and President, DEP, featured in Bis Infotech. In the interview, he underscores the vital role of DEP in efficiently solving CAE problems.

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Future of Engineering

An exclusive interview with Mr. Radha Krishnan, Founder and President of DEP, featured on Bisinfotech, delved into the pivotal role of CAE. He highlighted the significant time investment required by design engineers in manual tasks such as geometry creation, meshing, and connections within CAE

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AI Integration and Future Perspectives

Mr. Krishnan emphasizes the advantages of leveraging Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) software for businesses in the Evolution of Engineering.

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Mr. Krishnan emphasizes the advantages of leveraging Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) software for businesses in the Evolution of Engineering.

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DEP's Offerings & Innovation in Product Development

In a captivating interview with DailyCADCAM, Mr. Radha Krishnan, Founder and President of DEP, delved into the intricate details of DEP’s cutting-edge offerings and their extensive applications in the realm of product development

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Engineering with AI, ML, and VR Integration

Through the seamless integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, CAE has reached unprecedented levels, reshaping the industry landscape and equipping engineers with formidable tools to address intricate challenges.

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Future Plans for Expansion and Innovation in Europe

From immediate expansion and R&D investments to a long-term commitment to sustainable innovation, Mr. Krishnan provides insights into DEP’s dynamic trajectory

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Crash Analysis
System Simulation 1D
Multi body dynamics
Design Optimization
Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis

CAE Services

Concept Design
Product CAD Design
CAE Verification
Design for Manufacturability
Manufacturing Simulation
Reverse Engineering
Analytical Method

Product Development Services


Aerospace and Defence


DEP offers services in the following areas in Fixed and Rotary Wing aircrafts.

  • Detailed Design
  • Structural Analysis
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DEP provides effective solutions to automakers and suppliers by leveraging CAE driven design at a very competitive cost.

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Virtual simulation and validation for implants have ability to reduce the necessity to produce expensive prototypes.

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DEP engineering team have executed projects & programmes for the Marine Industry. The capabilities include both structural as well as

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Heavy Engineering


DEPs heavy engineering offerings cater across agricultural equipment, construction and mining equipment. Our mesh modeling tools,

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Oil & Gas


DEP has a very strong engineering team to address & service complex engineering projects of the most dynamic industry in the world

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Power & Utility


DEP’s innovative technology support for Power & Utility sector can mitigate the potential risks that are associated with cost effective and reliable power generation

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