Digital Transformation Revolution With Digital Twin Technology

Jul 04, 2021

Digital Transformation Revolution With Digital Twin Technology

July, 2021

Simulation, as a part of the product development cycle is no longer limited only to the design stage, but extends to design, development, prototyping and manufacturing. And now with digital twins, it extends to the entire life cycle of a product. A digital twin can be a model of a component, a system of components, or a system of systems. It is a two way communication channel, where data travels through the physical and numerical worlds back and forth as needed. A common reason for the existence of digital twins is its Operational Optimization. We can use this to analyse a variety of data, such as displacement caused by certain vibrations, stresses, and whether the bolts are capable of handling these stresses—is the platform in danger? This allows system operations to be adjusted or managed in real time to decrease risk, save money, or gain a variety of other benefits.

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