Digital Twin for Product Development: Simulation Driven Engineering and interaction through IoT

Oct 28, 2021

Digital Twin for Product Development: Simulation driven Engineering and Exchange of data through IoT

October, 2021

The concept of digital twins as a means to analyze, record and test data has been around for a while, but with the explosion of technological data and manipulation that is growing in IoT, the potential of digital twins and what can be achieved through them has increased exponentially, and this is why we hear of the term being used so much nowadays. A digital twin can be extremely useful along the entire product cycle of a product, right from design to deployment, to its end.

Nearly all industries are looking at adopting digital twins as a technology in some form or the other. It is still extremely complex to navigate around, and mass adoption is still a few years away. The biggest pull is still in industries where parameters of Operational Optimization, Predictive maintenance, Anomaly detection have the biggest impact on business or lives.

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