DEP Interview to ‘The Machinist’ Magazine

Emission Control through In-Cylinder Sensing – DEP Interview to ‘The Machinist’ Magazine

Sep 11, 2019

Our Chief Innovation Officer, Karthik Shankaran, during his interview to “The Machinist” magazine, gives a whole new perspective for the In-Cylinder combustion sensor that performs multiple tasks and real-time engine management by providing feedback to the electronic control of the engine.

Here is the gist of the Interview:

Emissions from motor vehicles are a cause of concern for air quality and also adversely affect human health. Most important part of controlling emission is to have an effective way to measure emissions. If we can do emission prediction real-time cycle to cycle with almost no modifications required for engines, then we have something that can help us put together PEMS for RDE. In-cylinder sensor, which integrates with existing powertrain is an innovative, cost-effective option that technology companies are working on.

The in-cylinder combustion sensor can be used in real-time applications, functioning as a timing sensor, combustion sensor, performance sensor, emission sensor and pressure sensor, delivering accurate and reliable results on a cylinder-to-cylinder, and a cycle-by-cycle basis.

Read the entire conversation here:

DEP Interview to ‘The Machinist’ Magazine

DEP Interview to ‘The Machinist’ Magazine

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