The evolution of the product development process and the significance of simulation tools for enhancing manufacturing quality

Sep 17, 2021

The Evolution of the Product Development Process and the Significance of Simulation Tools for Enhancing Manufacturing Quality

July, 2021

DEP helps in the design phase by shortening the design cycle and making use of CAE’s capabilities. With our proprietary parametric technology, clients can perform as many CAE iterations as they like electronically. Tools like MeshWorks eliminate the need for physical testing, provide optimal solutions, and free designers from having to go back to the design cycle if the desired result is not achieved. We offer simulation solutions for a wide range of applications, including FEA Study, Fatigue & Durability, Manufacturing Simulation Support, Computational Fluid Dynamics, NVH Analysis, Crash & Safety Analysis, and so on. DEP will continue to invest in new and emerging simulation technologies such as digital twins and machine learning in order to provide the most efficient version of DEP MeshWorks. Furthermore, as we expand our capabilities, we have significant investments planned in our product development wing around the globe.

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