Design and development for the healthcare segment to support in the battle against COVID-19

Medical devices are the need of the hour, and healthcare stakeholders continue their ongoing search for superior tools and medications to help stem the tide of COVID-19.Medical device safety and effectiveness play a critical role, as the margin of error is minimal, and any malfunction or defect can have catastrophic consequences.

Optimum safety and performance require meticulousness among all involved in the life cycle of a medical device: the government, the designer, manufacturer, the importer/vendor, the seller, and the end user.

DEP is committed to offering the most in-depth product development and consulting for the healthcare sector, to develop timely high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic devices that can respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medical Protective Equipment is crucial in preventing the transmission of contagious germs,not only in treatment centres, but in various activities like cleaning, waste management and safe burials, and community care related to the outbreak as well. Their usage extends beyond just infection prevention and control procedures.

We at DEP, strive to deliver high quality, well-engineered and comfortable medical protective equipment that offers themost effective protection available. We have committed several team members to developing products that supports the medical industry, as we enter the supply chain for providing personal protection items and other medical devices.

DEP Aerosol Blocker – Reduce Aerosol Vapour Spread

Detroit Engineered Products has partnered with its local Manufacturing Suppliers and designed an Aerosol Blocker that can be mass produced with a short lead time to better prevent infectious water droplets / breathe vapour from circulating.

The Aerosol Blocker creates a barrier and can mitigate the spread of airborne aerosol droplets from infected patients during times that they cough/speak/sputter.

DEP – Protective Face Shield

The Protective Face Shield solution is specifically developed, as a proactive step to the acute shortage of protective wear for medical personnel in the current pandemic situation. Available in several styles to fit the preferences of every individual, DEP can support in quick development and mass-manufacturing of protective face shields.

We offer full face shields with masks that can be used with reusable frames. Our various face shields offer different types of protection along with the anti-fog, anti-glare performance that are default performance factors.

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Ventilator Model Diagram

Respironics Masks Model