Shirin Hameed, Chief Marketing Officer, Detroit Engineered Products shares her insights about the Advancements of Electronics in Vehicles becoming the future of Automotive Industry

Jun 28, 2022

Major trends in Automotive Electronics: Remarkable Leaps in the Next Decade

June, 2022

A car today is already packed with electronics, and is no longer just a medium to transport people and goods from one place to another, but is now evolving into an IoT device on wheels. Automotive electronics technologies such as autonomous driving, all-electric cars and in-car infotainment are the new trends in the automotive industry. Today’s electric cars depend on power electronics for the main propulsion motor control, as well as managing the battery system. The future will see autonomous cars, which will rely on powerful computer systems, an array of sensors, networking, and satellite navigation, all connected with each other, and together being a part of the IoT, all of which will require heavy electronics. ADAS and the increased use of Sensors, Advanced Motor Control, Power Management for Electric Vehicles, Processing Power, Engine/Energy Management Systems and Infotainment are emerging as the major trends in Automotive Electronics, and we will see a remarkable leaps being made in the next decade.

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