At DEP we feel it is very important to take the message of how DEP is transforming product development with global customers to academics. As part of this initiative DEP team across the globe are engaged with various departments at universities conducting hands on training with MeshWorks. DEP has clear road map of training students on MeshWorks thus enabling them to get overview of what is the current trend in the industry. Students are encouraged to use MeshWorks as part of their academic project work. DEP team also works with students to define projects working closely with their professors and external project guides.

MeshWorks has unique pricing model for universities that intend to buy full version of the software for their labs. The students who undertake MeshWorks course also get full version of software for period of 3 months after their course so that they could complete their project work.

In MeshWorks course for university we touch upon how MeshWorks can play the role of a unique pre processor for building models, how morphing technique in MeshWorks helps students create new FE model variants without CAD data. Students are also taught the concept of mesh based design enablers as unique tool to improve product performance without CAD data. As part of the course MeshWorks interface with NASTRAN/Optistruct, LS DYNA and ABAQUS are offered up for training. DEP team works closely with university staff to define the course content for their students. This is besides the standard course content offered by DEP.

At present time DEP offers the course in two levels – Basic and Advanced. The Basic course that involves MeshWorks with one Solver platform takes two full weeks. The Advanced course takes additional two weeks and includes a small project.

DEP encourages students to learn MeshWorks, carry out their projects using MeshWorks and also offers internships for select students. At the completion of the course DEP US office evaluates the work done by the students and issues certification.

The goal of our initiative through this university initiative is to bring the latest in the industry to the academic circuit and help students understand and prepare for the needs of the industry.