Drones can be used for a lot more than just inspecting infrastructure. Drones are being used to monitor radiation in nuclear catastrophe zones, conduct aerial reconnaissance in combat zones, and even collect biological samples from dangerous animals, according to certain applications. With the increasing use of autonomous machines in our daily lives, the impact of drone technology across verticals is astounding. UAVs are proving to be game changers, particularly in the defence and commercial sectors. Drones are increasingly being used for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions, and there is an increasing number of consumer market endeavors including entertainment, agriculture, etc

At DEP, we are always improving our methods to improve productivity, cost efficiency, flexibility, and functionality. DEP’s superior engineering solutions and services capabilities position us as a major participant in the design, development, and manufacture of unmanned aerial vehicles

Key Distinguishers:

Integrated services tailored to your needs

  • Drone formulated and produced to deter birds from causing damage to assets in aerial territory.
  • DEP’s product engineering team set out to develop an application-specific unmanned aerial system based on the requirements brief. We designed the airframe, deterrence method, radio control & autopilot, camera, power, ground control, drive train, and pre-flight systems, demonstrating that DEP provides assistance from the inception to manufacturing phase of the product

    Developing a robust technology ecology

  • Drones and E-Agriculture – What They Mean?
  • A versatile unmanned aerial systems platform is required for surveillance and sprinkling, supplying farmers and businesses with a one-of-a-kind mechanism for smart agriculture. DEP’s configurable and programmable drones have adaptable hardware that can be changed based on the situation

    Our Range Of Drone Products Include:

  • Surveillance Drones
  • Drones are fitted with High resolution cameras which can fly in both day and night conditions. It transmits uninterrupted high resolution ‘live’ video feed and generates GPS coordinates of the locations.

  • High Altitude Drones
  • Long range drones which will fly in hilly terrain.

  • High Endurance Drones
  • Drones that can be developed with varied endurance and can go up to an endurance parameter of 5 hrs.

    DEP Drone Capabilities:

    The cutting-edge technology services in the area of drone design, that DEP can support any drone manufacturer with, are in the following areas:-

  • System Design:
    • Complete Drone development including electronics, mechanical, etc.
    • Connectivity and Camera integrations.
    • Location based services, video streaming, etc.
    • Board bring-up and BSP.
  • Customer engineering:
    • Form-factor, customer L1/L2 support and customer use-cases development.
    • Integrating various third party cloud services, algorithms, etc.
    • End-end system enablement

    DEP Advantages:

    We can provide full enterprise drone solutions, beginning with the operating system, Aerial Information Platform (“AIP”), hardware, software, and cloud services, allowing customers to optimise drones to any commercial application and seamlessly connect aircraft, sensors, payloads, and application-specific software.

    With rising interest in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and the autonomous age, DEP’s work on drone solutions via new approaches is efficiently solving important technical issues for the present and future.

    Customer Benefits:

  • Aerial Photography of High Quality.
  • Computerized and regulated product development process
  • Multidisciplinary Project Management
  • Provide Elevated Analytics.
  • Interoperability with the existing framework approach