Industrial processes have been changed by advancements in robotics, quantum computing, and automation technologies. Autonomous vehicles and drones are becoming progressively essential for cognitive processes that were long thought impossible to computerise successfully: devices can not only conduct experiments and handle physical processes, but they can also draw conclusions and make decisions.

An automated passenger mover project requires a well-documented planning procedure that starts with assessing the needs and ends with a thorough project scope for the best product, efficient development, and effective deployment. Autonomous people movers have the potential to alleviate rising transportation shortfalls, road congestion, and the accompanying air pollution. As it is mainly used in crowd gathering zones, it also aims to improve the overall pedestrian environment. Major airports are implementing this transportation technology because it simplifies transit and allows for greater operational flexibility.

We are technological forerunners, having more than two decades of product design and development expertise. Our innovations in the product field are based on breakthrough techniques and centered on future ready concepts. We at DEP strive harder to make the technology meet the demand with products that we develop.

Key Distinguishers:

  • DEP ‘s Tech leadership in the journey from concept to pre-production in the process of creating deep tech products:
  • We can efficiently streamline the whole product development process with industry-leading in-house skills such as styling, design engineering & manufacturing. DEP’s transformed product development process can develop a new vehicle or a derivative of a current platform in record time, maximise carryover parts and processes, satisfy new performance criteria, and provide modified technology data.

    DEP People Mover Capabilities:

  • Styling
  • Packaging
  • Integration
  • CAD – complete CAD Data management and co-ordination
  • CAE
  • Performance Engineering
  • Product Derivative Development
  • Validation Co-ordination
  • Supplier Integration
  • Prototype Support
  • DEP Advantages:

    DEP’s product engineering team set out to develop a Personal Rapid Transit from Complete Engineering from concept to Pre-Production, Consistent Packaging, Effectiveness, and Production process, depending on the specification brief. In ten weeks, the team completed a full-scale proof from concept to the final output

    Customer Benefits:

  • Full scale prototype.
  • Parts Analysis for Product
  • Rapid scaled model performance confirmation/ correlation
  • Detail part breakup and study