The Micro Trailer industry has been steadily developing, and with big players increasingly implementing innovation, the trade is predicted to increase over a short estimated period. The research also follows the most recent supply and demand trends, such as propelling and restraining forces, as well as industry developments such as expansions, agreements, and partnerships that stride towards industrial growth. DEP develops a micro trailer as a value-added customizable product aimed at the LCV segment. It’s a detachable platform with a fifth wheel assembly that allows LCV owners to tow applications weighing more than the payload. This feature is currently unavailable in the LCV platform; instead, it is only available in large trucks and container carriers. LCV owners could use a detachable Micro Trailer to tow a variety of cargo types, including mobile advertisements, ATMs, mobile offices, last mile delivery, dispensary, showroom, and eateries, in addition to bulk cargo.

Key Distinguishers:

Innovative design concepts for cost effective products:

Our main structural objective has been to design a good trailer that is extremely lightweight and sustainable by utilising innovative architecture. DEP offers complete assistance in developing a cost-effective product that will last for a long time, allowing for an improved minimalistic experience.

Trailer Capabilities:

  • Prototype development :
  • Styling & design :
    • Weather
    • Terrain
    • Cargo conditions
  • Design and Performance validation
  • Topological optimization & identification of sensitive
  • Structural & CFD performance optimization
  • Full vehicle CAE
  • DEP Advantages:

    The key differentiator of the Micro trailer is the fact that unlike most trailers, where the cabin and load carrying zone are one unit, in the Micro trailer, the units are detachable. The Micro trailer is purely a base platform, which can be highly customized for any specific application. It can be used in a variety of applications- from mobile office, mobile dispensary, outdoor display unit, mobile lavatories, vegetable shops to exhibition stalls. It can prove of great use especially in remote areas. It can be combined with a detachable unit like a trailer, and if needed, a single cabin unit can be used to ferry multiple trailer units to and fro

    Customer Benefits:

  • Detachable customizable Microtrailer platform
  • Increased load carrying capacity
  • Significant financial benefits