Given the engineering-intensive and labour-intensive nature of the oil and gas industry, efficiency in managing the time and cost becomes a business mandate. As the industry reaches the tipping point, simulation and modelling are helping to unlock the true potential of traditional ways of working in the oil and gas industry. With a long-standing commitment in serving the oil & gas industry, DEP’s technical expertise includes serving the exploration, drilling, production, storage, transportation, refining and end-use petrochemicals. We offer targeted engineering simulation solutions throughout the system helping you develop better products that are faster to operate and are more efficient and safer. Experts team at DEP are capable of simulating a wide range of physical behaviours, from structural response and acoustics to heat transfer and fluid mechanics. DEP simulation supports empowers, analysis and informed decision making that reduce costs and have the right impact integrated into the wider system comprising piping channels, transport & storage

We increase efficiency and improve cost control with below services for oil and gas industry:

  • Design Services:
    • 3D or 2D drawings of plants for preliminary design
    • 3D piping and pressure vessel design
    • CAD Modeling for equipment
    • Skid mounted equipment design
  • Engineering Services:
    • Draft plan and specifications design process
    • Design & Process Optimization support
    • Operations efficiency monitoring
    • Validation Services including bill of materials
    • Modeling Support
  • Simulation Services:
    • Static, Dynamic, Non-Linear, Buckling, Transient, Modal, Vibration, Kinematics and Multi-body dynamic simulations
    • Pipe Flow Analysis
    • Stress analysis for lifting devices, tooling or structures
    • CFD and Thermal Simulation & Analysis
    • Package and Fabrication Components Analysis

We provide process and product engineering solutions that adds immediate business value in below disciplines of the oil and gas sector:

Production Transportation Refining Equipment Downstream Processing
Extraction Piping design Structural Analysis Reactor design
Drilling Pressure vessels Combustion System Design of experiments
Offshore Thermal and structural stresses Flow – measurement & control Design exploration and optimization
Pumps Reforming Thermal stress, vibration and fatigue
Compressors Design Verification
Detailed design and engineering