In response to the Corona Virus outbreak, DEP transitioned to a virtual workforce continuing to provide Engineering services and support to our customers. We have committed several DEP team members to developing products to supporting the medical industry as we enter the supply chain for providing personal protection items and other medical devices.

DEP Aerosol Blocker – Reduce Aerosol Vapour Spread

Detroit Engineered Products has partnered with its local Manufacturing Suppliers and designed an Aerosol Blocker that can be mass produced with a short lead time to better prevent infectious water droplets / breathe vapour from circulating.

The Aerosol Blocker creates a barrier and can mitigate the spread of airborne aerosol droplets from infected patients during times that they cough/speak/sputter.

Advantages of DEP Aerosol Blocker:

  • Rounded shape ensures no dangerous corners or sharp edges
  • Easy to clean and sterilize with no crevices due to intelligent shape design
  • Stackable and easy to package into trucks, deliver, and store for use, cleaning/sterilization, and reuse.
  • Transparency allows quality patient / medical staff interaction.
  • Strategic location of holes/access points allows for medical staff to directly reach the patient while mitigating airborne aerosol droplets from the patient to contaminate staff and vice versa.
  • Ventilators and other equipment easily routed either through the holes or at the Aerosol Blocker opening at the base of the patient chest


DEP – Protective Face Shield

Given the evolving situation for the need of more protective gears, DEP has implemented the enriched support programmes to Bio-med industry intended to prepare and respond to the COVID 19 crisis. The Protective Face Shield solution is specifically developed, as a proactive step to the acute shortage of protective wear for medical personnel in the current pandemic situation. Available in several styles to fit the preferences of every individual, DEP can support in quick development and mass-manufacturing of protective face shields.

We offer full face shields with masks that can be used with reusable frames. Our various face shields offer different types of protection along with the anti-fog, anti-glare performance that are default performance factors.

The shield consists of a clear plastic of appropriate thickness to not be flimsy or overly heavy, the brow foam, elastic band, and BOSTITCH staple.

  • Helps protect the eyes and face of the user and shields them from direct spray and splatter
  • Snug-fitting frame with all day use brow foam to help reduce pressure points
  • Clear visor for maximum visibility
  • Easy to use band with secure fit
  • Curved shield design to maximize coverage and visibility
  • Built to not hinder nearly all goggles, glasses, and facemasks
  • Shape design ensure that it’s easy to: package into trucks, deliver, store for use
  • Shield thickness and quality evaluated by nurses and hospital personnel to ensure it’s not flimsy or unable to hold it’s shape like other being sold on market