Automated vehicles are rolling out faster than many others in the auto industry ever imagined. The journey to autonomous vehicles began in the early 1990s with the introduction of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). With an aim to significantly reduce the automotive accidents, ADAS technologies exist at different assistance levels. The continuous evolution of the ADAS technology resulted in enhanced safety for both driver as well as the vehicle. The potentially life-changing ADAS applications’ success factor is its 360 degree coverage. Driven by the vision of DEP, our engineers had made outstanding progress in the ADAS services suite & overcame many challenges associated with this technology.

DEP ADAS Training Services:

  • Consulting and Staffing Services.
  • A well designed program and instructors come with lot of Industry experience. We assure the availability of 100% class room trainings and students will be have exposure to real-time project experience.
  • Initiated from hiring the fresh graduates from renowned schools and train them in
    • Fundamentals
    • Application development
    • Validation and verification
  • Duration is 3 months with a total of 160 Hrs class room lectures, remaining hours will be dedicated to real time project work.

Modeling & Simulation

  • MIL model based development, simulation & Verification
  • Model performance test
  • Development of test models
  • Hardware-In-Loop simulation using dSPACE
  • Co-simulation (Software-In-The-Loop)
  • Integration of different simulation models

Vehicle Drive Testing

  • Definition of user scenarios
  • Vehicle Drive Strategy and Implementation
  • Vehicle Instrumentation
  • Traffic Data Capturing
  • Video and Test Data creation & validation


  • Desktop Level
  • Vehicle Level

System Integration

  • Electrics, Electronics & Software Integration Testing
  • ECU Integration Testing
  • Migration from Micro Autobox to ECU
  • Feature level Functional Test performance
  • Integrated Feature vehicle level performance testing

DEP’s ADAS Capabilities:

  • LAN departure warning.
  • Blind spot detection.
  • Mapping (2D and 3D).
  • Forward Collision warning.
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Parking assistant systems.
  • Traffic light recognition.
  • Autonomous driving research ( path planning, localization, Navigation)
  • Engine Mode Control based on GPS signal.

Expertise & Experience Areas:

  • LiDAR, radar sensor and signal processing.
  • Image processing and computer vision
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and intelligent traffic systems.
  • GPS and navigation systems.

Variants of solutions for different car segments


Supporting Electronics under ADAS Technology:

  • Development of Custom ADAS circuits for research and production projects.
  • Signal conditioner and signal processing unit.
  • Camera Systems.
  • LRF processing unit and interface.
  • GPS and Accelerometer sensors signal processing.
  • Master ADAS control unit development which can interface with multiple sensor and perform sensor fusion.