Medical device manufacturers, pharma companies and other healthcare service providers seek quality, accuracy and rapid turnaround time, from concept to deployment. Organizations are becoming future-ready with more agile, personalised devices, smaller implants, and faster launches, thanks to the extraordinary penetration of technology in the healthcare innovation field. New age manufacturers of healthcare devices take advantage of the potential of simulation and analysis for their products to provide the best service to people and maximise performance around the world. DEP’s engineering simulation solutions for healthcare organizations helps deliver patient-centric solutions at unprecedented speed, efficiency, and cost. Our design support services consider safety standards and deadlines, resulting in improved products at accelerated productivity rate. Our services have helped our customers enormously in preparing for regulatory and non-regulatory virtual validation reports for FDA before clinical trials.

Engineering solutions and services of DEP for medical device companies to increase product reliability includes:

  • Design Services
    • CAD Support Solutions – 3D Modeling
    • Product ideation, concept design, virtual validation
    • Components Design
    • Ergonomics
  • Engineering Services
    • System-level performance, validation and optimization medical devices
    • Structural optimization analyses
    • Regulatory and Compliances analyses
  • Simulation Services
    • Structural analysis
    • Motion-structures interaction
    • Mechanism simulations
    • Packaging analysis
    • Stress & strain analysis
    • Design optimization
    • Materials modeling

We deliver superior, outcome-driven experiences and support for sustainable patient care. The life science and healthcare segments we cater are:

Medical Devices & Implants Organ Modeling Services Process Development and Packaging Services Design & Development Services
Simulation assistance for FDA approval to bring new products to market faster Anatomical Structures Process modeling – Fluid flow patterns, heat/mass transfer, etc. Regulatory compliances services for standards and guidelines like FDA, etc.
Surgical Equipment & Device Development Leg, bones, skull, heart and entire body modeling Simulations for medical packaging Re-Engineering support
Stent, Orthopaedics Implants Organ Mechanics Ergonomics
Dental Implants Impact Analysis for Body parts
Mechanical Heart Valves Spine Compression
Prototyping Support