Automakers are ambitiously turning towards technology for facing dynamic consumer trends and operating margin pressure. Demand for new and customised experiences is increasing as technology advances, speeding up the pace of competition. Our major focus revolves around delivering powerful solutions that ensure efficiency, flexibility, durability and a quick return on investment. We take pride in DEP’s specialties of effectiveness, thoroughness and professionalism in the engineering support provided to every OEM, Tier 1 & 2 suppliers and other auto industry related organizations. Our intelligent automotive solutions, combined with excellent technology support in areas such as light weighting, electrification, and others, have made us the preferred partner of industry-leading OEMs all over the world.

We drive innovation through a wide array of engineering solutions expertise that is listed below:

  • Design & Optimization Services:
    • CAD Support Solutions – Detailed engineering design, styling and validation, CAD Customization, etc.
    • Electrical routing and schemes
    • Homologation
    • Design Verification & Development support
    • New Product Development – Product Ideation, Concept Generation, Concept Feasibility Study, Ergonomics Study, Product Virtual Validation, Prototyping & Testing
    • Product Optimization – Component Optimization (Thickness/Topology/Topography), Body Optimization, Field Failure Redesign, Modular Design, Reverse & Re-Engineering, Performance Improvement
    • Tooling & Fixture Design
    • Battery Design & Energy Management
  • Engineering Services:
    • Manufacturing Engineering
    • Modeling Support
    • Mechanical Systems
    • Lightweighting Solutions – Part Reduction, Weight Reduction, Waste Identification & Elimination, Process Cycle Time Reduction.
      DEP has carried out 600 sub-system level MDO projects using 3G+ approach whereby governing Gage, Grade and Geometry for the OEMs resulting in significant weight savings in Powertrain, Chassis, Steering & Suspension, Seating, Interiors, Exteriors, Body, Breaking, etc.
    • Instrumentation schematics
    • Component Engineering
    • Benchmarking Studies
  • Simulation Services:
    • FEA Study – Static: Modal, Linear, Non-Linear Simulation, Structural Simulation, Geometry and Contacts Simulation, Dynamic Simulation, etc.
    • Fatigue & Durability – Static Local/Global Stiffness Analysis (System / Sub-System Level), Strength Calculation (Load/Pressure Bearing Limit), Non- Linear Static Stress Analysis, Component Level Fatigue Calculation Based on Derived Loads, Thermal Analysis & Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue, Local/Global Stiffness Calculation on BIW Or Chassis, Failure Analysis, Buckling Analysis, etc.
    • Manufacturing Simulation Support – Casting, Injection Moulding, Plastic Moldflow Simulation, etc.
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics – Fluid Flow Study, Heat Transfer Study, Pressure Drop Study, Dew Drop Formation Study, Combustion Study, Internal Flow Analysis (Ducts), Flow Mixing, Temperature Distribution, External Aerodynamics, Engine Cooling, In-Cabin CFD For Temperature Mapping, HVAC, Calculation of Drag/Friction Coefficients, Vehicle Thermal Management 1D Simulation, etc.
    • NVH Analysis – Natural Frequency Analysis, Resonance Detection Test (Frequency Domain), Vibration Endurance Test (Time Domain), Point Mobility & Tactile Response Analysis On BIW, Static bending & torsion, Structure acoustics, etc.
    • Crash & Safety Analysis – Forward/side/rear roll over, Pedestrians Safety, Occupant Safety, Airbags, Frontal Impact, Side Impact, etc.

We empower automotive companies by providing turnkey solutions in every step of the development process. Our expertise in the below auto segments are dedicated to developing new solutions that increase productivity and solve our customers’ challenges.

Interiors & Seating Engine System Chassis, Suspension & Steering Full Vehicle – Exterior Body Structures & Closures Electrical & Electronics
Instrument Panel, Glove Boxes Casing and Gears Manual & Power Steering Body-in-white: Skin Panels, Front end, Body sides, Dash panel, Roof & roof bows, Front and Rear floor Panels, A, B and C pillars ADAS – LiDAR, Radar, Camera
Air Vents, HVAC Shafts, engaging gears, sleeves etc. Suspension Analysis Bumper safety & optimization – Front bonnet and Rear boot Chassis Electronics – Adaptive Cruise Control, Steering System
Seating Systems – Driver Seating Accommodation, Direct & Indirect Visibility, Reach & Clearance Analysis Cylinder head, Manifold and Crank case Braking System – Master cylinder, Wheel cylinder, Brake booster, Brake pedal, Linkages, Mounting brackets and brake calliper etc. Vehicle Exterior & Aerodynamics Powertrain – ECUs, Electric Drive, Electric Motors, Sensors
Consoles Tail pipes & exhausts Chassis Frame Design – Crush cans, Body and Engine mounts, Steering system and Suspension brackets, Transmission mounts, Exhaust and Fuel tank mounts, Pipes & harnesses routing & attachment Doors & Closures Modeling – Front and rear door panels Display Electronics – Driver Information system
Trims – Interiors & Exteriors Cooling System Tire Modeling & Optimization Schematics Design
Steering Control Connecting rods Engine, suspension & steering mount cradle Wiring Harness in 2D and 3D
Seating Design – Seating Frame and components, Seat adjustment and reclining mechanism Catalytic Converters Rear suspension & rear axle mount cradle Power Management