In Cylinder Sensor


Industry’s first in-cylinder volume production combustion sensor that provides combustion and emissions parameters to the ECU, in real time, thus helping companies to improve the efficiency and reduce emission of IC engines. The technology involves an advanced in-cylinder combustion sensor complemented with our proprietary advanced algorithms, which has the potential to replace pressure sensors, oxygen sensors and knock sensors. This can be achieved without the need for drilling another hole in the cylinder head by adapting the fuel injector or spark plug or glow plug as the sensor.

Remeshing and Re Assembly


​Advanced high efficiency engine development, which helps engines provide upto 40% fuel economy improvement at vehicle level

Production engine development capabilities like thermodynamics, systems modeling, combustion, heat/thermal management, induction/intake, block-head durability, crank-train dynamics, engine/powertrain NVH, ventilation, lubrication, etc.

Fluid flow and aerodynamics


​Multi-Disciplinary Optimization, which helps meet design targets, minimize product weight and minimize manufacturing costs, while meeting all performance targets. MeshWorks parametric models can robustly generate multiple runnable analysis data sets given a Design of Experiments (DOE) matrix. It can be executed in a batch mode and can be integrated within automated work flows as well.



DEP MeshWorks, our proprietary CAE driven software platform for rapid concept CAE and CAD model generation, parameterization of CAE models, enabling optimization, advanced meshing and CAD morphing, used by 75% of the Automotive OEMs.

Below are the key capabilities that DEP MeshWorks offers:

  • Morph existing FEA & CFD models to new requirements and target geometry data in a fast and efficient manner
  • Parameterize existing FE/CFD models to impart the intelligence of shape, structural, material, welding, feature, macro and topology parameters (the parameterized model can subsequently be used for DOE & optimization studies)
  • Create concept models by “cutting, morphing & stitching” existing CAE models
  • Create automatic hexahedral (100 %) meshes from skin mesh geometry of very complex components such as engine blocks, cylinder heads etc.
  • Perform advanced meshing operations such as “tetra-boolean” operations, acoustic cavity meshing, auto-rib creation etc.
  • Enables quick changes in the FE Model stage, without the need for CAD, enabling creation as well as parametrization for optimization


DEP performed full vehicle parameterization and MDO for an SUV, resulting in a mass saving of 11 kgs, with minimal packaging and tooling changes and without any degradation in performance. DEP MeshWorks driven MDO approach has been successfully extended beyond full vehicle to various other vehicle sub systems as well. READ DETAILED CASE STUDY…

CAE Services

A large OEM’s current production mid-size sedan was significantly lightweighted and weld count reduced by DEP through its MDO process. The OEM’s powertrain group has benefitted from DEP’s morphing based multi-disciplinary weight optimization process, and transformed its entire virtual analysis procedures embedding DEP’s successes on major engine and transmission programs.

Combustion analysis sensor

DEP’s weight optimized ALL STEEL BIW for a very large OEM at 172 Kg is considered an industry first for lightest steel body meeting all crash, NVH & durability targets. The above design has been set as an internal benchmark cum target at the OEM and has been multi-discipline optimized (MDO) by DEP as per OEM load cases, modeling practices and design for manufacturing standards.

CAE Software

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