MeshWorks toolsets features functionalities that carry out multi-discipline performance analysis and optimization of the structures. DEP MeshWorks based parametric & non-parametric CAE models facilitate Multi-Disciplinary Optimization (MDO) to meet design targets, minimize product weight and minimize manufacturing costs. With the MDO feature, concept design, analysis and optimization is taken care end-to-end by MeshWorks.


MeshWorks parametric models can robustly generate multiple runnable analysis data sets given a Design of Experiments (DOE) matrix. MeshWorks can be executed in a batch mode and can be integrated within automated work flows. Ready interfaces are available for major optimization software such as Isight, ModeFrontier, Heeds, Optimus, LSOPT, etc.

  • MeshWorks has the ability to perform multi-disciplinary optimization where a unified control block can parametrize models of different discipline (CFD, NVH, and Crash)
  • MeshWorks can parameterize FE models and is capable of generating multiple designs, specify design variables and their limits of different disciplines
  • Designs are solved by FE solvers and used to generate input-output matrix that is fed into Optimizer to generate Optimized Design
  • MeshWorks can be used for one-time design change or a parameter for DOE/Optimization studies
  • MeshWorks helps to perform comprehensive parameterization module addressing shape, gauge, features, design enablers, welds, adhesives etc.
  • High degree of automation for morphing, parameterization and design enablers is possible
CAE verification


For baseline models, MeshWorks in-built features can help handling the multi-domain model like importing both CAD and FE models. It supports CAD data from standard tools like CATIA and UNIGRAPICS and FE models for analysis like Crash, NVH, Stress durability, fatigue and Multi body dynamics. Additionally, standard CAD handling formats like IGES, STEP and Para solid are also supported. At FE model level, MeshWorks supports crash tools like LS-DYNA and PAM-CRASH for crash analysis. Similarly, other major NVH and durability tools can also be integrated. Apart from this, MeshWorks supports other pre-processing tools cards as well while exporting.

The Standard Template Library (STL) comes handy for users to create algorithms for their requirement and customization.

  • Supports easy creation of parametric models with all aspects of design features & parameters accounted
  • Users can perform design optimization for weight reduction or for performance improvement
  • Users can easily apply CAD morphing for optimum designs and deliver to Design Team
  • Geometrical dimensions of full vehicle can be changed by importing the control blocks which is a tedious task in other tools

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