Post-processing phase starts when we start investigating the results of analysis. MeshWorks comprises a multi-disciplinary post-processor for viewing and publishing the results of analysis. It allows for loading and viewing the result files obtained from various solvers. The visualization tools reads the neutral binary output database file and has a variety of in-built options for displaying the results. It includes colour contour plots, animations, deformed shape plots, and X–Y plots. MeshWorks is equipped to control the maximum and minimum limits within the results, and plotting graphs that can show the evolution of a variable throughout the whole analysis.

Innovative features and capabilities of MW Post-processor allow users to have rich insight into the results and hence achieve impressive performance reports of mechanical systems under operational loads. MW Post-processor provides a broad range of functionality for robotic extraction of ‘hot-spot’ results such as peak stress values, max vibration amplitudes etc. Several automated post-processing utilities are available to address even the most demanding post processing requirements. With MeshWorks, post-processing analyses are accelerated significantly through a multiple window environment. Through multi-window view of results, MeshWorks allows users to easily compare the results of several load cases or several design iterations side by side. A comprehensive multi-page, post processing of results, allows users to organize different types of output responses into different pages for easy viewing and navigation.


  • Contour: Allows to create contour plots of a model and visualize the analysis results.
  • ISO: Allows to display iso(or same value) results of the model.
  • Animation: Transient, Linear and Modal animation options are supported.
  • Model Info: Annotations display the model details and users can include notes for additional information as and when needed.
  • Query: Allows users to view and export results of queried nodes, elements & components.
  • Cut Section: Allows user to cut planar sections through a model to view results on internal details of the model.
  • Utilities: Several utilities are used for highly automated post processing of results for Design of Experiments (DOE) and optimization studies.


  • Integrated post-processing user interface within the MeshWorks environment
  • Inclusive of Post Processing results from Abaqus & Nastran solver outputs
  • Large scale models are handled with ease
  • Multipage and multiwindow post processing of results with easy ‘cut, copy, paste, apply’ from one window/page to another
  • Automated ‘Score Card’ module helps in extracting various key results and provides in a user friendly tabular format.
  • XML based session file saving

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