Generating a high-quality mesh is a critical task for CAE users. It allows for a detailed view of the design and provides important insights. To achieve a good mesh, the underlying geometry must be analyzed, and the best quality mesh should be applied. A mesh that meets the objective is the right choice for the given scenario. It’s important to use a mesh that is of reasonable quality and tailored to the specific problem to ensure the solver produces accurate results.

MeshWorks features a powerful CAE meshing engine that enables users to rapidly generate 2D and 3D meshes from intricate CAD data, including Tetra, Sheet Metal, Mid-plane, and Hexa. With highly automated meshing functions, users can produce high-quality meshes with minimal intervention and in the shortest possible time, without the need for extensive CAD clean-up. The system also offers template-based meshing, allowing users to set up templates for feature recognition, mesh size requirements, and quality criteria. Additionally, MeshWorks provides automated mesh quality improvement functions, ensuring meshes meet user-specified quality templates and constraint criteria.

MeshWorks supports a wide range of CAD interfaces, enabling users to import geometries from popular CAD packages and generic formats like STEP and Para solid. MeshWorks also includes a comprehensive set of CAD functions for curve, surface, and solid editing and manipulation. Additionally, the system provides batch meshing capability, allowing users to assign meshing templates to entire model assemblies and mesh them in a batch mode across multiple processors – on workstations or in the HPC environment.

The AI/ML based feature recognition engine in MeshWorks produces higher geometric accuracy. The system also offers template-driven meshing, enabling enormous mesh control for features such as fillets, tubes, chamfers, and machined faces. Additionally, MeshWorks includes powerful feature removal and suppression tools, which allow users to create simplified meshes for specific CAE workflows by removing features like fillets, ribs, and bosses. Furthermore, MeshWorks boasts the widest range of hex meshing functions, including auto-cartesian-hex mesher and parametric extrusion hex mesher.

Key Meshing Features:

  • Tetra: The MeshWorks software strikes a balance between capturing features and automating meshing, while also providing excellent control over the gradation of both skin and tetra mesh levels. This allows users to create models with a minimal number of elements.
  • Hexa: MeshWorks stands out from other software options by offering a range of hex mesh functions, such as auto-cartesian hex mesher, hex-fuse with node-to-node connectivity, and hex-cutter or hole driller.
  • Mid-Plane:MeshWorks provides unique checking and verification functions that ensure adherence to geometry, identify nodes outside or inside the boundary, and suggest ways to correct any deviations.
  • Sheet Metal (Quad): Using advanced AI/ML-based edge suppression algorithms, MeshWorks produces the best mesh flow and provides enormous mesh control for sheet metal modeling.
  • Cad-Mesh Compare simplifies the process of reusing existing meshes for matching geometric regions. Additionally, the Highly Advanced Thickness Assignment Tool enables accurate variable thickness assignment.
  • MeshWorks offers a broad range of specialized hexa modeling tools that are both unique and highly automated. These tools include tire modeling, gear modeling, rotor modeling, and more.


  • MeshWorks offers a significant improvement in CAD clean-up, resulting in a drastic reduction in post-mesh correction time.
  • It also delivers significantly higher element quality compared to other market tools, further reducing meshing turn-around-time (TAT).
  • With MeshWorks, users have access to all types of superior meshing options, including tetra, hexa, plastics, sheet metal, and more, all in one software.
  • This eliminates the need for multiple meshing software and results in significant cost and time savings.
  • MeshWorks reduces total meshing time by 30% to 50% across various model types while maintaining high mesh quality. Additionally, when using the same meshing and quality templates, MeshWorks produces a lower tetra count compared to competitors, ultimately reducing analysis run-time.

How does MeshWorks compare to other similar software?

FeaturesMeshWorks – MeshingSimilar softwards
Automated Mesh Editing Tools✔️
Unique Hex Meshing Functions✔️
Faster Meshing Turn- Around-Time✔️
Customized Automated✔️
Meshing Tools✔️
Industry-Leading Meshing Engine✔️
Feature Capture with Quality Requirements✔️✔️
Flow Chart
Quad Dominant Mesh

Boundary Layered Tet Mesh

Feature based Tri Meshing

Extruded Hex Mesh

Extruded Hex Mesh

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