With climate and safety concerns, and government policies to reduce emissions and accidents, Electrification, ADAS and connectivity has taken the center stage in the mobility industry. The newly emerging technologies in the mobility industry have enabled a spurt in the interaction of Mechanical- Electrical-Software domains. Any automobile manufacturer aiming to provide a premium product to the user has to invest in Electronics-Software development for performance optimization and periodic preventive maintenance of mechanical systems. As the technologies and markets continue to evolve, the cars of tomorrow will be “Software on wheels”. Description of the image DEP has experience in electronics & embedded system engineering for both hardware and software development. Our engineering team is well-positioned to address the pressing concerns of the automotive industry. We have delivered projects for leading OEMs and Tier 1s in emerging domains of Electric Vehicle, ADAS, Body, Cluster, Chassis Systems by ensuring reliable, safe and secure aspects.



Requirement Gathering


System Architecture

Designs and Concepts

Vehicle Architecture and Harnessing


Hardware Design & Calculations

Components Selection

Bill of Material Generation

Gerber File Generation

Circuit Schematic Capture

Circuit Simulations

Worst-case Analysis

PCB Layout

Board Bring Up Testing

Environmental Qualifications

Verification &

Integration Testing

System Testing

Vehicle Integration Testing

DVP Testing

Protocol Conformance Testing

Test Automation

Regression Testing

Test Bench Construction

Process/Standard Compliance
• ISO 26262
• ISO 21434
• Agile/Scrum


Basic Software

Migration from Legacy Architecture

AUTOSAR BSW, MCAL Configuration
and Development

Complex Driver Development

Communication and Diagnostic Stack Development

Boot Loader Configuration and Development

Application Software

Model Based Development

Migration Activity

Application Specific Algorithms

Software Component Development and RTE Integration

Performance Optimization

Code Generation using Embedded Coder

Static Check Analysis

Model Verification & Validation



Motor Controller

Battery Management system

On-board charger

DCDC converter

Vehicle control unit

HVAC system

Driver Assistance

Automatic Emergency Braking

Adaptive Cruise Control

Driver Monitoring System

Park assist

Lane departure Warning

Collision Avoidance


Central Gateway

Telematics Unit

Keyless and Immobilizer

V2X Connectivity Solutions

Over the Air Update

Cluster and HMI

Control Units

Engine Control Unit

Transmission Control Unit

Body Control Module

Lighting Control Unit

Suspension Control

Infotainment System

We provide exceptional Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) services and our commitment to provide industry leading designs, analysis, verification, and validation to the global clientele has continued to strengthen our reputation making us the chosen partner for engineering service in the market. We promise you the advantage of: