With DEP MeshWorks training courses, you learn recommended techniques to reduce development time and improve application performance and scalability.

These courses are taught by experienced, certified instructors in live classroom and online settings. They can also be customized to a particular application, if there is a sufficient batch size. In addition to paid trainings, DEP conducts a complimentary weekly training at our Troy office.

DEP MeshWorks training is a smart and safe investment towards long term productivity for your team and company.



DEP, along with our partners globally, conducts training classes across the globe to help use MeshWorks in the best possible way to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

In addition, DEP conducts a free weekly training every Wednesday at the Troy office.



DEP offers custom training plans for organizations that need to train a group of people on a specific application. A training specialist from DEP will work with you and your company to determine how best to address your training needs.

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