Vehicle engineering is undergoing a profound evolution, driven by developments like battery electric vehicles (BEVs), software-defined vehicles, and advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving (ADAS/AD). Integrating software, battery systems, and conventional vehicle components in this manner requires a comprehensive strategy. Achieving harmony between chassis, thermal management, electrical/electronics (E/E), and ADAS with the driveline and other systems is essential for delivering a balanced end product. DEP’s vehicle engineering solutions are tailored to stay ahead of these trends, offering a comprehensive, single-point solution that supports OEMs and leading tire companies with efficient solutions.

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At DEP, our vehicle engineering solutions are meticulously crafted to address the ever-changing demands of today’s market. We prioritize the enhancement of vehicle functionality, safety, fuel efficiency, and environmental sustainability. We specialize in developing vehicles tailored to our customers’ market profiles and technical goals. By first clarifying these objectives, we design systems and modules that undergo rigorous verification and validation processes. Utilizing our advanced simulation techniques and streamlined development procedures, we ensure early-stage maturity. In today’s dynamic market, companies require a global perspective and an adept understanding of customer demands, necessitating agile and efficient processes. DEP offers end-to-end solutions encompassing styling, prototyping, and hardware testing, supported by our extensive experience and engineering prowess, making us the go-to partner for a diverse range of engineering services.


Propulsion Systems

Internal Combustion Engines

Hybrid Powertrains

Electric Powertrains

Alternative Fuels

Vehicle Dynamics

Suspension Systems

Steering Systems

Braking Systems

Chassis Design

Safety Systems

Passive Safety Features

Active Safety Systems

Crash Avoidance Technologies

Electronics &

Engine Management Systems

Vehicle Diagnostics Systems

Infotainment Systems

Navigation Systems

Communication Systems


Emission Control Systems

Fuel Efficiency Improvements

Alternative Power Sources

Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicle Technologies

Connected Vehicle Technologies

Sensor Technologies

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms

With our advanced simulation methods and streamlined development processes, we ensure the early-stage maturity of our solutions. Our services span from styling to prototyping and hardware testing, providing end-to-end support. DEP’s wealth of experience and engineering capabilities positions us as the preferred partner for tackling the intricacies of modern vehicle design and development. We promise you the advantage of: